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Colli Casa is a brand founded by the Kovacevic couple who have been active for many years in interior design with their base in New York and having north-east Italy as their own production centre.

Nevio F Kovacevic cooperated for years with leading American companies to then become founder of the Group that carries his name and has as its objective the production and sale of seating to the largest hotel and restaurant chains in the US landscape.

Today, his organization can count on the support of partners on the international level that have cooperated with enthusiasm in carrying out the ‘Colli Casa’ project.

Ilaria Sialino Kovacevic has always operated in the production sector of chairs, tables and interior furnishing accessories, achieving over the years acknowledged experience as well as knowledge of design.

Always having been orientated towards customer requirements, she has known how to create a relationship of absolute trust with them that has allowed her to obtain over the years great recognition and support.

By putting together their experience and sharing their personal project in life, the Kovacevic couple decided to create their characteristic range of solutions for everyday living: quality pieces, comfortable seating, enthralling and new colours combinations.

Pieces of a mosaic to recompose every day, as inspiration and mood dictate.

To put into effect such an ambitious objective, they requested the precious collaboration of the Roberta Tosolini Studio that contributed to the design of all the Colli Casa Collection, giving it the imprint of who, with materials and colours, had constructed an entire career of satisfaction and professionalism.

Thanks to the training of the stylist, her support has been decisive in the choice of textiles, colours and ambiences for Colli Casa.

As a designer, she knew how to determine their outlines, giving them a neat, clean and elegant appearance as a whole.

Colli Casa is also a symbol of this feminine universe whose grace is living and breathing on every page.