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The Colli Casa project is a journey between fashion and design, a series of tales concerning lifestyles and emotions, a true, authentically “Made in Italy” system for your living area.

The six collections, each with its own precise personality, are designed to exist beyond their simple lines, also in their materials, finishes and colours. In fact, it is exactly by browsing among the materials, finishes and colours that the collections come to life.

As in a fashion show, the chairs, table and containers are dressed and assume from one example to another a natural, playful, colourful or elegant aspect… thus permitting great aesthetic variety and compositional freedom.

With its numerous stylistic possibilities, Colli Casa therefore offers absolutely customised lifestyle programs that may be developed in diverse and unique contexts.

Colli Casa represents constant project research, oriented towards quality that lasts over time.


The production cycle begins with a careful choice of raw materials, acquired directly to guarantee a certainty of quality right from the beginning. As concerns the wood department, the mill is ISO 9001 certified and the lumber is identified with the trademarks FSC and PFSC. The logs, which arrive from forests managed in a correct and responsible fashion according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards, are cut into planks and then dried in special furnaces until they reach a maximum humidity of 6%, which renders the wood very stable.

Successive processing of the materials, relative to the chairs, the tables or the containers, is performed using work centres with either numerical (CNC) or manual control by expert carpenters who are required to have a special sensitivity, beyond the requirements of mechanical precision.
The metal processing centre, certified ISO 14001, has licences for trademarks in order to supply customers with goods conforming to international regulation.

Furthermore, the centre is focused on the greatest production flexibility, permitting us to obtain products whose careful manufacture achieve excellent results of great aesthetic value, thanks to craftsmanship of experienced hands.

The use of laser cutting, with CAD/CAM tools of the latest generation, guarantees the maximum precision performance to support the skilled labour.

The 13 varnishes of the Colli Casa range come to life in the paint shop, which uses reliable robots to obtain the nuances of natural colours or the vivacity of strong tones. The brushed brass and various shiny and brushed colours, including the refined carbon finish, are produced in the metal treatment section. In both departments great attention is paid to environmental impact and the limits on VOC emissions.

One of the final phases of the production cycle is the addition of fabrics, true ateliers where expert hands cut, stitch and cover our chairs. Metres and metres of splendid fabrics become in that fashion the soul of creative productivity.