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The Catalogue, containing 260 pages, emphasises the versatility of our furnishings by integrating the products into various locations of diverse atmosphere.

Aside from the habitat in which it is integrated, each collection finds its absolutely harmonious collocation, whether it be within a post-industrial loft or a modern villa or a classic environment.

Unmistakeably unique results are obtained by combining the innumerable finishes with the refined tones.

Rugs, vases, original canvases, cushions, fabrics and fringes to be coordinated among the Collections are on exhibit at “La Boutique” here on this website or else beginning on page 112 in the catalogue.

The Samples, composed of over 160 fabrics, leathers and more than 60 diverse materials such as wood, varnish finishes, glass and metals, are divided into 3 categories to facilitate the choice: Moda, Dinamico and Fibra.

This vast range permits us to invent and obtain original products, created between design and fashion, between trendy and vintage styles, between contemporary looks and features of classic prestige: authentic suggestions reflecting style and Italian taste.

The Logo, which represents a little jewel, is inserted on each single article with a special brass medallion to guarantee quality control.

The logo is also visible on the fabric that covers all the bottoms of the chairs and the soft velvet that holds the table extensions. The constant care given to the finishing of the products is also demonstrated in these details which, seen together, offer added value and significance to each collection.

The Packaging in sturdy cardboard, well-suited for long-distance shipment, bears careful, simple and original printing that renders each lot a unique and personal moment.